With the competition in the real estate market getting tougher than ever, it becomes imperative for tenants to offer excellent references from their estate agents and landlords when they vacate a property. Agents and landlords expect high quality services to ensure that a tenant gets their deposit back with a positive and favourable reference for the future.

Many agents required the property to be professionally cleaned before the deposit is returned. To achieve such standards, Stonebridge cleaning has a very detailed scope of end of tenancy cleaning services coupled with a large array of additional services. Check out our end of tenancy cleaning checklist including:

  1. Kitchens, clean worktops and stove tops.
  2. Clean wall tiles behind stove and degrease outside range hood.
  3. Polish sinks, handles and wipe out cupboard fronts and drawers.
  4. Cleaning inside of cupboards and vacuuming and mopping floors
  5. Bathrooms, clean vanity top, basin and bath tub.
  6. Remove general light surface mould shower and shower screens.
  7. Wash walls and clean toilet mirror.
  8. Mop floors and sanitize toilets.
  9. Cleaning bedrooms, lounge room and dining room.
  10. Clean wardrobe mirrors and wipe out wardrobe door tracks.
  11. Remove cobwebs, laundry, door spot clean walls.

Some additional services include:

  1. Request quotes.
  2. Oven cleaning.
  3. Carpet cleaning
  4. Window cleaning
  5. Light fitting cleaning.
  6. Cleaning external patio areas.
  7. Furniture dusted and vacuumed.

During the cleaning, an executive from our company monitors the way and quality of service that has been carried out. It is important for us to know if you need any of the additional services. We would like to hear a word of opinion or complaint from you and will try to rectify that with immediate affect. To make a request for end of tenancy cleaning, feel free to call one of our executives.

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